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Boise State ad collage

It is essential for Boise State to gain the maximum impact with its advertising dollars by creating the strongest and most positive image with its audi­ences. Boise State advertisements must be identi­fiable at a glance to strengthen the university’s visual identity. These guidelines apply to all dis­play ads including student recruitment ads, fac­ulty and staff recruitment ads, announcements of special events, public relations advertising and course offerings.

The design and production of posters, brochures, reports and other publications provide the opportunity for a high degree of creativity and flexibility. However, to maintain a consistent iden­tity and visual image, it is important that Boise State’s printed materials share common design and style elements whenever possible.

Freelance designers who may be employed for specific publica­tions should be made aware of the university’s graphic design standards.

Usage Guidelines

  • The University Signature Mark (the university logo) must be used on all Boise State University publica­tions. The logo can be used as the title of the publication or as a smaller “branding ele­ment,” preferably on the front or back of the publication.
  • Either the University Signature Mark  or the name “Boise State University” must prominently appear on the front cover of all publications.
  • A coherent look cannot be achieved solely through consistent application of a logo. To further ensure consistency, the prescribed university typography, being the font families of Gotham (sans serif) and Garamond (serif), should be used in brochures and other publications.  Use of color should be consistent with guidelines.
  • As with advertisements and all other public communications, the university should be identified as Boise State University on first reference. Reference thereafter should be to the university or Boise State. References to BSU are not permissible.