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Approved Versions

The primary University Signature Mark is the preferred version to be used in all instances unless the space in which the Mark is being put dictates an alternate version.  In such a situation there are three approved alternate configurations which may be used based on the space restrictions as shown below.  No other versions should be created.  As a reminder, the “B” Symbol should not be used on its own without separate approval from  Allow clear space around all marks, more details of which can be found in our Logo Usage Guidelines.

Each version of the Mark has a positive and reverse version that can be used in one-color or two-color combinations. The positive version is designed for use on light backgrounds, while the reverse is for use on dark backgrounds.  The respective logo files can be downloaded from our Logo Downloads page.  Please note that one-color combinations of the mark should never be used on the Web.

Mark style (and usage)Mark (not for download)
Signature Mark (Primary / Preferred Choice)
Boise State University Signature Mark
Left-Aligned Mark (Second choice for an elongated narrow space)Boise State University Left-Aligned Mark
Stacked Mark (Second choice for a square space)Boise State University Stacked Mark
Stacked Left-Aligned Mark (Limited use). For use in restricted spaces where the University Signature Mark and the other approved versions are impractical, such as signage on certain buildings, small print ads, merchandise or apparel.Boise State University Stacked Lef-Aligned Mark