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Athletics Mark

Bronco athletic mark

The Bronco logo is the identifying mark for Boise State University’s athletic programs. Only intercollegiate athletics can use the Bronco logo. The colors of the Bronco logo reflect the official school colors.

No use of the Bronco logo other than by the Department of Athletics is allowed without prior permission from the Director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement. Additionally, the use of the Bronco logo for commercial purposes is strictly licensed and monitored. Please visit the Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement page for more information.

Use of horse images

No images of horses may be used as secondary logos or as marketing symbols, for any departments, whether Athletics or Institutional.  Such use could dilute the strength and value of the spirit mark — the Boise State Bronco.  Uses of photographs of the horse statues from campus may be a good substitute for marketing materials if “bronco horse” imagery is needed.

There are some approved Buster caricatures which are approved for use as designs on merchandize, or for use by Student Clubs.  Please contact the Director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement for more information.  Limited Buster caricatures may be permitted for merchandize that is created by licensees for retail sales, for example, on children’s clothes.  All such designs must be approved by the Director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement.