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Brand Narrative

Boise State students at the b plaza

How We Tell the Boise State University Story

The Boise State brand is about much more than a B.

The brand is our reputation. It’s the way we speak, the way we act and the experiences our students and visitors have on our campus.

The words we use to share our brand story and unique experiences are powerful tools to impact how our audiences perceive the university and reinforce the experiences for those who are a part of our community. When creating marketing campaigns, advertising or promotional materials, a cohesive tone is as important as consistent fonts, colors and graphics.

Boise State’s core messages, points of pride, and brand narrative are mapped out here to help you tell and share the Boise State story in your marketing and communications. All are a reflection of 12 distinct  – and updated – brand attributes the words that help articulate the current trajectory and outlook for students, faculty and staff at Idaho’s fastest growing research university.

When you create marketing campaigns, advertising or promotional materials, a familiar and consistent tone is as important as fonts, colors and graphics.

Finding Inspiration

As you get started on a new marketing campaign, it’s important to keep the brand top-of-mind. When you use the Boise State brand attributes correctly, you have the weight of the entire university behind you. Working within a brand does requires you to adhere to different guidelines, but the process can and should result in creative and captivating marketing campaigns. To get you started, here are some examples of brand-aligned university campaigns that can help inspire your next project.

Gordon Jones and the Change Agent CampaignMajor Finder Marketing Campaign"I'm Ready" History CampaignBodo Daily Campaign

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