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Clear Zones and Sizing

The legibility and distinction of the University Mark (the university logo) and Bronco Head Mark is very important. To ensure the logo is highly visible and maximize its impact, always separate it from its surroundings – allow “clear space”. The area of isolation, or minimum required clear space, surrounding all logos should be half the height of the logo on all sides as shown below. No other text or graphic elements, including other logos should penetrate this area of isolation.  This is also the minimum distance the logo can be from the edges of a document, whether electronic or printed.

In addition, the Marks should not be placed over a photograph or patterned background that interferes with the readability of the Mark.

The University Signature Mark should not appear smaller than 2 inches wide by 0.6 inches tall in print, unless space dictates smaller size, in which case care should be taken to ensure that the Mark is legible. The minimum size of B symbol for digital reproduction is 57 pixels tall. The proportions of the B Symbol in relation to the Boise State University wordmark and baseline should not be changed.

Clear Zones or Area of Isolation

Boise state B logo size requirements

BSU B clear space

BSU bronco clear space

Minimum Print Reproduction

Brand minimum print size

Minimum Digital Reproduction (to accommodate mobile app icons)

B logo minimum digital reproduction