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Companion or Department Logos

In order to maintain consistency in branding, academic and administrative units of the university may use their official logo. This comprises the University Signature Mark and the academic or administrative unit name underneath. The logo should not be combined with any event, cause or tagline.

Department, programs, centers or other administrative units may not build their own companion logos. Request a companion logo at  By keeping the individual department branding so closely related to that of the university, each college and department benefits from the recognition of the university and in turn helps with the overall consistency and impact of the university brand internally and externally.

Official Companion Logos with Department Identifiers

  • When using a modifier (college, school, center or department), there is to be an orange rule (line) underneath the university name. The rule must be as long as the name of the University at minimum.
  • The Companion Mark is intended to be an identifier for the college, school, department or center. It is not intended to be an organizational chart showing reporting lines.
  • For administrative units, it is recommended that the Companion Logo does not exceed the secondary level of identifiers.
  • Centers and colleges should be listed as the primary identifier.
  • Departments, schools and offices may be listed as the secondary identifier beneath their respective colleges or centers.
  • Programs, in general, do not have their own Companion Mark unless they do not fall within a specified department.
  • In accordance with editorial standards, “and” should be used, not an ampersand, where needed in department or other names.

Nursing Companion logo

Stacked and Left Aligned Versions are not provided for Companion Marks due to space and sizing restrictions.
It is required that the Signature Mark is used in such instances.  Programs within departments do not have their own Companion Mark.

Merchandise Mark

Due to size limitations when applying the Companion Mark to merchandise, e.g. apparel, a more limited version is provided for embroidery and printing on scrubs, uniforms and apparel. This version may also be used for promotional merchandise.

School of Nursing Merchandise LogoTo request a Merchandise Mark, please email, cc  The Office of Trademark Licensing will then provide the appropriate Merchandise Mark to the licensed vendor who is producing the product.