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Electronic Letterhead

As with business cards and physical stationery, electronic letterheads are produced from approved templates to ensure consistency.  The layout of the letterhead as described in the Boise State Brand Standards may not be redesigned.

Boise State letter head

This template for electronic letterheads is to be used only for communications sent via e-mail or other digital platforms. It is not intended to replace official university stationery.

Electronic letterheads should not be printed out and used for mailing, as the integrity of the colors and branding could be compromised. It contains low-resolution images and does not reproduce well when printed, especially due to the fact that color reproduction varies from printer to printer.

Electronic letterheads may be department specific, but the header should not include personalized names.  Vice Presidents and Deans may order letterheads personalized with their title.

Electronic letterheads are available to order through University Printing and Graphic Services.