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Email Signature

The presentation of your email signature is just as important as letterhead. Academic and administrative personnel should use the following standard email signature template.

Copy and paste this template into the signature tool in your Boise State Gmail, then replace the generic information with your own. Use the sans serif font in Gmail.

Your name
Your title and/or your department
Boise State University
1910 University Drive, Boise, ID, 83725-xxxx (insert mailstop)*
Phone: (000) 000-0000

The following optional information may be added:

Location: 0000 Your Building Street, Building Floor/Suite (insert if different from mailing address)
Fax: (000) 000-0000 (insert university URL or department/college specific URL)

Only university related messages are permitted as part of the email signature such as GO BRONCOS! or current university marketing messages. The addition of logo files to your signature is discouraged because of the overall impact on the system operations due to the size and volume of graphics.

For more information on setting up your Gmail, visit Boise State’s OIT website pages.

email signature example

*For university campuses who have mailing addresses different to 1910 University Drive, the appropriate mailing address should be used.