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A standardized envelope format must be used for official university communications. Individual schools, departments and other units may not create their own envelopes without permission from the Director of Trademark Licensing who will seek approval from the Branding Committee. Because of the potential for poor quality, departments are not allowed to design their own envelopes on personal computers, nor is it per­mitted to have envelopes printed at off-campus locations, To ensure consistency, Printing and Graphic Services produces all Boise State envelopes from approved templates.

Usage Guidelines

  • Usage guidelines for the logo apply to envelopes.
  • Information printed on envelopes should fit the template design shown in the sample below. There shall be no deviation from the positioning of the various elements on the envelope or the fonts utilized.
  • The format can be slightly modified to accommodate additional lines. Printing and Graphic Services can assist in creating modifications that meet the unit’s needs and still fit the basic template design. Information that may be included on the envelope return address is limited due to postal regulations.
  • No graphic images other than the university logo may be displayed on Boise State envelopes. Companion Logos for schools, colleges, departments, units, centers, institutes or facilities are prohibited in order to maintain the consistency of university identity.
  • University envelopes may not be personalized, except for approved exceptions.
  • Envelopes may be ordered in two color (blue and orange) or one color (blue).Boise State Envelope heading

Envelopes may be ordered through Boise State Printing and GraphicsPlease note that envelopes with the new University Signature Mark will be available in mid-December 2012. Envelope orders placed after Nov. 27, 2012 will show the old university logo template when ordering, however Printing and Graphics will convert the layout to the new format before sending you the proof for approval. The ordering template is in the process of being updated.