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Graphic and Visual Identity

B plaza at Boise State

Boise State’s Graphic Identity

Boise State’s graphic identity includes our specific colors, fonts, logos, and styles that represent the spirit of the university. Together, these elements provide instant recognition while also conveying a sense of Boise State’s character and style. Consistent use of the graphic identity strengthens the brand and allows all colleges, departments, and other representatives of the university to benefit from maximum recognition and public awareness.


Pom Poms
Celebrate Boise State by using our bold royal blue and bright orange in all of your marketing! Boise State’s colors have been blue and orange since 1932 and we display them proudly. Be sure to use our exact colors to keep the branding consistent and strong.


Over the street banner
At Boise State, our official university fonts are Gotham and Garamond. Gotham is recommended for marketing and signage, while Garamond is the choice for most body text.


Boise State Signature Mark
Using the correct logos is a vital part of the branding process. At Boise State, we have two logos: the “B” university signature mark which is used on all academic materials and the bronco head which is associated with athletics.

Photos and Video

Students cheering
Using visually compelling and branded photography will elevate any marketing or communications piece. The Office of Communications and Marketing can help you with your video and photo needs.