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Visual identity is part of a well-branded organization. The Harvard Business Review wrote that “a great brand deserves a great logo,” and as Boise State moves into new athletic conferences and national academic prominence, the university is aligned to do so together.

The refined B symbol is the primary mark for the university, replacing the diamond logo (effective July 1, 2013). The Bronco head remains as the fundamental mark for athletics, but there is consistency across the campus in typography and color palette.

The consistent presentation of the University Signature Mark is based on these general usage guidelines:

  • All academic and administrative units of the university must use the University Signature Mark in their official communications, marketing and promotional materials. Athletics may use the spirit mark (Bronco head).
  • The elements of the University Signature Mark (B Symbol and University Word Mark) should not be used on their own unless signified within the same design.
  • To preserve quality, the Signature Mark should always be reproduced from approved electronic files or from a high-resolution original.
  • Adaptations are prohibited; adaptations dilute the Signature Mark’s impact in communicating the university’s image.
  • The Signature Mark may not be incorporated or combined with any other mark, symbol or graphic to create a new mark.
  • The Signature Mark should be displayed in official university colors or in another approved color configuration.
  • The University Signature Mark may not be cropped, blurred, stretched or distorted in any way.

The B symbol may not be used on its own, without approval from the Brand Committee (