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Graphic Identity

The identity of Boise State is represented by a number of logos and marks, primarily the University Signature Mark (B logo), the words “Boise State University” and “Boise State,” the athletics logo (Bronco head), the name “Broncos” and the school colors of blue and orange. The blue turf of our football field is also a unique identifier of the university and a federally registered trademark.

The Boise State Brand Standards establish consistent use of typography, colors and logos. Together, these elements provide instant recognition while conveying a sense of Boise State’s character and style — the Boise State brand. A comprehensive identity program maintains the integrity of the Boise State brand and promotes maximum recognition and awareness of Boise State University.

These Brand Standards apply to all colleges, departments and units and other representatives of the university. The Brand Standards also apply to use of the university logo by media, advertising agencies and other organizations external to the university.

Trademark Notice

Use of Boise State University’s name, logo, college colors and other marks without appropriate license or permission is strictly prohibited. Any use of the Boise State name, trademarks or any other indicia, on goods and merchandise, whether promotional or for resale, or in association with third party services requires approval from the Director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement.