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“I’m Ready” Brand Guidelines

A unified approach is vital to communicating the Boise State University brand. The “I’m Ready” marketing campaign, its placements and message strategy are all designed to reinforce that Boise State is a metropolitan research university of distinction, with high-caliber faculty, distinct and innovative research efforts and learning opportunities, uniquely positioned to educate students who are destined to succeed.

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Message Strategy

With innovation and creativity as driving forces, Boise State students and faculty are encouraged to think outside the lines, venture outside their comfort zones and achieve their academic and research goals at a university that revels in a new way of thinking. That mindset is the message strategy for the “I’m Ready” campaign.

How to Use “I’m Ready” in a Boise State Marketing Campaign

For Boise State colleges, academic units, departments, programs and offices that want to align with the “I’m Ready” promotional message, here are guidelines to make sure your plans are in sync with the campaign. If the response is yes to at least three of the following questions, then you may be using the “I’m Ready” brand message strategy properly. For example: I’m Ready to ____________

  • Does your message advance awareness for an outstanding academic program or experience that is uniquely Boise State?
  • Does it indicate that Boise State is having a positive impact on Idaho, the region or beyond? (Bonus points for this one.)
  • Does it help shape a positive view of what a great place this is to become the person you want to be? (We love this one too!)
  • Does it speak from the perspective of one person – a faculty member, graduate, student, etc.
  • Have you included #BoiseState in the creative layout or messaging? This is the call to action inviting our community to engage with the campaign.
  • Is the distribution based in Idaho or regionally? (Hint, you must say yes to this one, at least for now.)

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Do’s and Don’ts

We know you do great work, but the Office of Communications and Marketing wants to make sure your message fits within the larger campaign strategy. Send sketches, raw thoughts, drafts, photos or proofs to for review or call (208) 426-1577 with questions.

Feeling special? Like maybe your “I’m Ready” marketing project is an exception to these guidelines? Check with the Office of Communications and Marketing first, any exceptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis. If materials don’t align with the prescribed guidelines – those materials will need to be revised for brand alignment.

We can’t wait to see what you are ready to do!