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I’m Ready Marketing Campaign

Professor Will Hughes

I’m Ready

In the summer of 2014, Boise State launched the I’m Ready campaign, with the goal of showcasing faculty and students as individuals in a stage of “readiness” to change the world, improve their lives, launch new research, and achieve success.

“I’m Ready” was the consistent call to action with each creative tactic and a landing page helped provide a pathway for our broad audiences to learn more and become involved in our social media platforms.

Brand Alignment

Our strategy with the campaign was to bring people closer to the Boise State brand and help visualize how we are an institution of creativity and innovation. The campaign was created prior to the revised brand narrative that we have today, but it was designed to align with the core strengths and distinctive qualities of our people and academics and branding guidelines were created to help campus partners understand the process for aligning with the campaign. The I’m Ready campaign is still active and displays in several large scale placements on campus.


Billboard with I'm Ready campaign

I'm Ready campaign in downtown Boise