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Boise State Letterhead

With more than a quarter of a million pieces printed every year, stationery is one of Boise State’s most visible and frequently used forms of printed communication. Consistent and coordinated use of Boise State University visual identity elements on stationery is a vital part of preserving and enhancing the value of the Boise State University brand.

Boise State University has one official format for academic and administrative letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels, and business cards. To ensure consistency, Printing and Graphic Services produces all Boise State stationery from approved templates.

Individual schools, departments and other units may not create their own stationery or envelopes without permis­sion from the Brand Committee ( Because of the potential for poor quality, departments are not allowed to design their own stationery on personal computers, nor is it permitted to have stationery printed at off-campus locations.

  • Information printed on stationery and envelopes should fit the template design shown, as shown in the sample above. There shall be no deviation from the positioning of the various elements of the stationery, envelopes, or the fonts utilized.
  • Departments should not attempt to duplicate the stationery or envelope on a computer. Rather, standardized stationery from Printing and Graphic Services must be used by all university offices.
  • With approval, additional information (such as boards of directors) may be added as a list at the bottom of the page.
  • Stationery is printed in school colors as utilized for the logo. If two color envelopes are not appropriate for use, one color blue may also be used.
  • No graphic images other than the university logo may be displayed on Boise State stationery.
  • University stationery may not be personalized, except for approved exceptions.  If an exception is required, please email for consideration.
  • Additional lines may be included to be department specific, but the header should not include personalized names.  Vice Presidents and Deans may order stationery personalized with their title.
  • The Boise State watermark insignia appears on all stationery. For mass mailing, a non-watermark stock may be utilized.
  • Blank second sheets with the Boise State watermark are available from Printing and Graphic Services.

Stationery And Envelope Formatting Guidelines

  • Letters should be produced single spaced in block paragraph form in 11 pt. Garamond or Times Roman. Text should be flush left and ragged right.
  • Preferred margins for letter copy Left: 1 1/2” Right:  2” Top: 2.5” Bottom: 1/2”
    Alternate margin for letter copy Left: 1”

The correct address for the university is 1910 University Drive, Boise, ID, 83725, followed by a hyphen and the four digits of the departmental mail stop number. For example, the address for the Trademark Licensing Office would be:

Boise State University
Office of Trademark Licensing & Enforcement
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID, 83725-1002

Stationery and envelopes may be ordered through Boise State Printing and Graphics.