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Logo Dos and Don’ts

Boise State logo print

The Signature Mark should be displayed as above, using the correct Pantones or CMYK/ RGB swatches. The Signature Mark clear space and background requirements should be carefully observed.  No alterations to the Signature Mark, or respective Companion Mark, should be made.

In appropriate situations, alternate configurations or color  schemes are available in the Logo Download Library.  The following applies to Companion Marks and the use of the Bronco logo also.

  • Don’t warp or stretch the Signature Mark.
  • Don’t change the Signature Mark’s orientation.
  • Don’t crop the Signature Mark in any way.
  • Don’t rearrange the symbol or wordmark configurations within the Signature Mark.
  • Don’t recreate any elements of the signature mark or replace them with something else.
  • Don’t use scanned or photographed copies of the Signature Mark. Use the original files.
  • Don’t remove or alter the text of the wordmark.
  • Don’t apply shadows, glow effects, or outlines to the Signature Mark.
  • Don’t apply any filters or textures to the Signature Mark.
  • Don’t change the Signature Mark’s colors.
  • Don’t use the Signature Mark on busy photographs or patterns.
  • Don’t use the Signature Mark on colors with poor contrast or similar colors.
  • Don’t place text or shapes within the clear space boundary.
  • Don’t replace or re-create any part of the Signature Mark.
  • Don’t contain the Signature Mark within a box on the page.
  • Don’t change or remove the text of the university department titles on Companion Marks.
  • Don’t create your own Companion Mark or modify existing Companion Marks.

logo contrastlogo wrong color schemelogo with glowlogo with shadowlogo stretchedlogo tiltedlogo warpedlogo with boundarylogo with busy backgroundlogo companion created