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Major Finder Marketing Campaign


Major Finder

In fall of 2016, Boise State launched a new website called Major Finder specifically targeted at teenagers who are exploring areas to study in college. Major Finder is an interactive tool that helps match student’s ideas and interests with the many opportunities available at Boise State.

""After the site launched, the Office of Communications and Marketing put together an accompanying marketing campaign to launch on campus. The purpose of the campaign was to inform current students about the new tool and inspire them to try it by illustrating how Major Finder can help students find areas of study that match their passions.

Brand Alignment

As always, brand was top-of-mind for this project. The campaign has the correct Boise State colors, font, primary mark and incorporates strong photography. We also wanted the brand attributes adventurous, distinctive, and inquisitive to shine through in this campaign. To do that, we selected pairs of images that showed students doing exciting activities outdoors and matched them with a corresponding area of research that paralleled the experience.

""This campaign bolsters the core message “We seek today’s answers and tomorrow’s questions. We are creative, inquisitive and adventurous,” by showcasing examples of how students can explore academics in unique and exciting ways. The messaging of the campaign, “You know what you love, now find what you love to do,” exemplifies uniting interests with an adventurous academic experience.