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Merchandise Guidelines

Boise State shirts

Use of Boise State trademarks must be consistent with university graphic identity standards. Consistent use is important for the legal protection of the marks and to promote a consistent brand message.

General Guidelines

The Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement administers the trademark licensing program for the university. The program is designed to provide manufacturers with the ability to create products featuring university logos and graphic marks while also ensuring that the institution’s reputation, image, and brand identity are presented appropriately. Revenues generated through the sales of licensed merchandise help fund Boise State University scholarships and the athletics program.

Campus organizations and recognized student groups are required to use an authorized licensed vendor when designing consumer products, including promotional items (giveaway items) whether such items just bear the university name or include university logos. For more information, contact the Office of Trademark Licensing.

Campus Departments

When ordering merchandise, please follow university graphic identity standards as it relates to your individual campus department, school or other organization. Campus departments are to use the University Signature Mark or their respective Companion Mark as their identifying mark. Visit the Logos page for further information and downloads.

Student Organizations and Club Sports

Student organizations formally recognized by the Student Involvement & Leadership Center are able to use select Boise State University word marks in conjunction with the organization name and design of promotional products.

Club sports teams recognized by Boise State Campus Recreation Services are authorized to utilize select Boise State word marks and “spirit” marks in conjunction with team names, uniform designs and creation of promotional products.


  • Athletic marks are restricted for use by the athletic department only (other than those “spirit” marks permitted for use by student club sports).
  • Requests to purchase licensed product for resale in conjunction with fundraising activities must be approved by the University Bookstore and sourced through an authorized licensed vendor.
  • Product restrictions: Tobacco, alcohol, gambling, sexually explicit graphics or descriptions, and unauthorized use of other third-party trademarks are prohibited.