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Official Colors

The official colors of Boise State University are blue and orange, more specifically Pantone 286 C and Pantone 172 C, respectively. These colors are as important as the university name or logo in identifying the university. All printed materials, whether produced on coated or uncoated stock, should match color to the coated Pantone chips.

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is the universal reference for selecting and specifying matching and controlling ink colors. It is recommended that samples be requested for every print job to ensure that the PMS colors are accurate. Slight adjustments may be required depending upon the material being produced.



Pantone (PMS) 286 C
C: 100
M: 66
Y: 0
K: 2


Maderia: 1134
Robinson Anton: 2302


R: 0
G: 57
B: 166



Pantone (PMS) 172 C
C: 0
M: 75
Y: 95
K: 0


Maderia: 1378
Marathon: 1045
Robinson Anton: 2397


R: 249
G: 70
B: 28

For more information on web colors, please see Webguide.

For Printing

Please note these are the correct Pantone Matching Color tint builds (CMYK, RGB) to achieve the process color equivalent of these two PMS colors. These values will print color-accurate results assuming that the commercial printer inks and press calibration matches SWOP color standards.