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Official Fonts

The choice of fonts is a critical element in establishing an institution’s visual identity. To further ensure consistency and unification, Boise State’s official serif typeface is Garamond. Boise State’s official sans serif typeface is Gotham.  Boise State’s web fonts are Oswald and Lato. Each of these type families consist of a wide range of weights, allowing for small and digital use without degradation.

Garamond is the choice for body text. Most computers have the Garamond font. Times may be used for large blocks of copy and for the body of letters or other correspondence, if Garamond is not available.

The sans serif type, Gotham, needs to be used for all marketing and signage.

Order Gotham font

The Gotham I package can be purchased at an educational discount of $35. Please contact to submit your request.  If you do not have the Gotham package, Printing and Graphic Services can convert your marketing materials to Gotham for a fee.  If you hire an outside designer, they will have to purchase Gotham font directly from Hoefler & Co., if they do not already have it.

Gothic fonts

Garamond fonts