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Power point template

Presentations are an inherent and important part of university life and business. Not only do presentations showcase the knowledge and expertise of the presenter, they also reflect on the university as a whole. Therefore, the look and delivery of the presentation is as important as the content. For most people, the first time they experience the university will either be through a presentation or the website.

All presentations off campus or outside the Boise State classrooms must include the university logo and, if using color, the school colors – blue and orange as specified on Official Colors, should be used. Powerpoint templates utilizing the Boise State University Brand Standards are available for download. If you use your own design, you should follow the university brand colors and typefaces. Your audience is likely to visit the university’s website before and/or after your presentation, so a sense of continuity and consistency is important. The university prescribed templates reflect the website design.

As with advertisements and all other public communications, the university should be identified as Boise State University on first reference according to Referencing the University.

Important Information - Please Read

You will be redirected to Google Docs to download the presentation files. Once there, select file>download. Do not download from the Google Docs preview screen.

Trademark Notice

Boise State’s registered trademarks, as well as other names, seals, logos, school colors and other symbols that are representative of the university may be used solely with permission of Boise State University. Items offered for sale to the public bearing the university trademarks must be licensed.