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Print Guidelines

A well-branded organization is consistent in the appearance of its graphics, colors, shapes, designs and performance.┬áConsistent and correct use of the Signature Mark, our color palette and distinctive fonts all help people recognize Boise State University. Designs and photographs enhance that experience and story. All print pieces–from glossy marketing brochures to business cards–carry the Boise State brand and message.

In order to maintain consistency in the Boise State brand, all stationery must be ordered through University Printing and Graphics. For marketing materials, guidelines are drawn out in these pages. There are also templates available for print pieces, banners and PowerPoint presentations.

As with the written content, please choose visuals appropriate for your audience. For example, in collateral aimed at prospective students the school colors of blue and orange should be the dominant colors. The use of a variety of campus photos better showcases Boise State and enables prospective students to see themselves here.