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University Seal

Boise State University sealThe university seal, designed in 1968, features Boise’s natural environ­ment and includes the university name and the Latin phrase “Splendor Sine Occasu” which translates as “Splendor Without End.”

As the official imprimatur of the university, the university seal is reserved for use on formal and official documents, such as diplomas, certificates, legal documents and seals, resolutions and plaques. The seal is also used as a watermark on the university’s stationery. The seal is the legal signature of the university. It must not be altered in any way.

Usage Guidelines

The seal may not be used as an identifier for the University. It is not to be used on letterhead (other than as a watermark or by the President’s Office), envelopes, business cards, web pages or general publications. Use of the seal is reserved for diplomas and other graduation items.

  • The seal is designed to be used as one unit, although the type surrounding the seal can be removed in cases when it won’t be legible or it interferes with good design principles.
  • The seal must be used only as a stand-alone design element.
  • To ensure legibility in printed pieces, the seal should never be used smaller than one inch in diameter.
  • An area of open space (clear zone) must be maintained around the seal to prevent it from being in conflict with other design elements.
  • To preserve quality, the seal should always be reproduced from approved electronic files or from a high resolution original. It should never be scanned or reproduced from previously printed material or from poor artwork. Do not enlarge the seal from artwork smaller than its intended use.

Colors for the University Seal
The university seal can only be reproduced in Boise State’s official blue pantone, black or grey or foil-stamped in the approved colors of silver and bronze. The seal may also be reversed to white over colors from the official palette.  In some instances a darker blue, or other secondary colors may be permissible with approval from

How to Access the University Seal
To obtain a digital file of the seal for an authorized use, contact the Director of Trademark Licensing ( or (208) 426-1358.


Permission for use of the university seal on merchandise must be obtained from the Director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement, with final approval from the President’s Office.


For application of the university seal on contracts or other legal documents please contact Office of General Counsel.