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Secondary Colors

The University’s official colors are blue (Pantone 286) and orange (Pantone 172). The following guidelines apply when working with the color palette:

  • Primary colors must be used on all materials to ensure that the promotional mark is produced in the proper color combinations.
  • Supporting colors may be used in addition to these primary colors on all materials.
  • Accent colors may be used in small amounts (20% or less) in addition to the primary color palette.

    Blue and Orange are the primary colors of Boise State and an integral part of the brand.

    Things to consider when using the Boise State color palette:

  • Blue and orange are recognizable as Boise State brand-specific colors and should always be considered for use in your project.
  • Consider the addition of gray and white as complimentary colors to serve as foundational color that allow the blue and orange colors to stand out.
  • Consider the tone of your project when utilizing color. Color should reflect the message that you are trying to convey. Over use of multiple bright colors can appear too primary. Too many dark colors can appear somber.
  • Light colors have a tendency to be recessive and can get lost on a white-colored background. Boise State is bold and relentless.
  • Be careful not to try to use every color in the palette. The use of too many colors can have a negative effect.
  • Bright colors are intended to be used as accent colors and provide contrast as needed.

Please be aware that accent colors may not be used to cover more than 20% of a page.

Pantone 654C
Pantone 654C
HEX: #003a70
RGB: 0,58,112
CMYK: 100,84,31,17
Pantone 1585C
Pantone 1585C
HEX: #ff6d10
RGB: 255,109,16
CMYK: 0,71,98,0
Pantone 307C
Pantone 307C
HEX: #006aa7
RGB: 0,106,167
CMYK: 100,50,19,2
Pantone 151C
Pantone 151C
HEX: #ff8400
RGB: 255,132,0
CMYK: 0,59,100,0
Pantone 285C
Pantone 285C
HEX: #0071ce
RGB: 0,113,206
CMYK: 91,52,0,0
Pantone 446C
Pantone 446
HEX: #3d4543
RGB: 61,69,67
CMYK: 71,57,61,44
Pantone 660C
Pantone 660C
HEX: #3d7dca
RGB: 61,125,202
CMYK: 76,47,0,0
Pantone Cool Gray 3
Cool Gray 3
HEX: #c8c8c8
RGB: 200,200,200
CMYK: 21,16,17,0
Pantone 2995
Pantone 2995
HEX: #00a8e2
RGB: 0,168,226
CMYK: 81,12,1,0
HEX: #ffffff
RGB: 255,255,255
CMYK: 0,0,0,0


Do not rely on the output produced by a desktop color printer for matching the color attained when a project is printed on a printing press. The color calibration of desktop printers typically does not match the Pantone Matching System colors used by offset printers.