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Secondary Logos and Endorsed Identities

Morrison Center LogoTaco Bell Arena Logo_fitted

Most secondary logos, such as individual logos for departments, programs or centers, are prohibited because they reduce the impact and effectiveness of the university’s brand identity. Academic and administrative departments, colleges, schools, centers, programs and other units have a prescribed companion logo for their use.

A few exceptions have specific business reasons to have an alternative logo, such as Taco Bell Arena and the Morrison Center for the Performing Arts. Any other secondary logos/endorsed identities require approval for such dispensation from the Brand Committee (

Using Graphics as Marketing Devices

Marketing devices, for a short term campaign, may be permitted, with approval in advance, from the Brand Committee ( Use of such marketing devices are restricted to on-campus marketing for current students, faculty and staff, and for special uses. The University Signature Mark or the respective department’s official Companion Logo is required on all such communications as the identifier. This includes advertising, printed materials, correspondence and invitations. The marketing or campaign device or design, may not be used as a department logo. Ideally such marketing devices should be in official school colors or secondary colors to further assert the Boise State brand.

No images of horses may be used as secondary logos or as marketing symbols, as such use could dilute the strength and value of the spirit mark — the Boise State Bronco.

The Director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement may require a department, program or college to change its logo if it is found to be using an unauthorized mark, logo or graphic element that is not in compliance with these guidelines.