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Use of Photographs

  • Marching Band

  • Campus photo

  • Students Waving

  • Students on Campus

Photographs are a powerful way to evoke feelings and showcase Boise State. A photography download section is being created to feature a variety of aspects of university life for use in your presentations and marketing materials. Currently, an archive of images is available through Photo Services.

When choosing photographs consider your message. Just as with graphic colors, choose pictures that convey your intended message. Photos that are dark or show rain filled clouds may create a somber feeling. Sunny pictures naturally evoke happier, more positive feelings. Consider the message that you are making. For example, when marketing to prospective students, use of photographs of campus and campus activities will help prospective students imagine themselves as part of Boise State.

Ensure that you create suitable space around graphics and logos that are laid over photographs. The University Signature Mark should not be placed over a photograph or patterned background that interferes with the readability of the University Signature Mark. Appropriate clear zones should be created around the University Signature Mark.