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Using the “B” symbol as a design element

The B symbol, included in the University Signature Mark, is a unique expression of who we are. It should be used with great care as a direct association with the Boise State brand.

The B is fast becoming a recognizable and powerful design element – on clothing, car windows and more. But while the mark is growing in strength in Boise and beyond, we still need to make a firm connection between the B and Boise State University. When it is used as a design element in university marketing materials, the full University Signature Mark must be placed prominently nearby.

Using the B Symbol on its own

The B symbol should not be used in place of the University Signature Mark. If the “B” is used on its own, it should be as a design element, and the University Signature Mark or your Companion Mark must be displayed prominently elsewhere on the marketing piece. The Signature Mark, incorporating the University name and the B symbol, is the primary identifier of University. It is the University logo – the “University Signature”.

As with all our trademarks, the B symbol, may not be manipulated or altered.  Do not add patterns, graphics, photos or other design elements within or on it.

Using the B Symbol in a Slogan

While it is very tempting to use the B as the word “be,” and indeed it was used briefly this way in university marketing campaigns to raise awareness of the new mark, our long-term strategy is designed to maintain brand integrity and uphold consistency. This means that the B symbol is not to be used as a word, but to be kept as a logo. To be used as a separate design element, not as a word.

Using the B symbol in marketing phrases is now limited and controlled to specific, limited, instances. Some examples you may see are the “The B on the Blue,” which is a student event at Convocation where the new students quite literally form the B on the Blue Turf; and “B Honey,” which is sustainably harvested by students on the roof of the Student Union Building. (Neither are using the B as a word in a phrase, like “B Proud.”) For questions, please contact