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Use of Video

Since video involves a multitude of images and sound, it is important that a video created to represent or promote the university be clearly identified as a Boise State production. The Boise State logo must appear in the video, preferably as a full screen slate or graphic at the beginning and/or the end. Typeface and color of the graphic must be consistent with approved branding guidelines. Avoid all references to Boise State as BSU.

It is recommended that the B logo is used as a “bug” throughout, or intermittently, through the video, shown in the lower right hand corner. In this instance the “bug” may be of lower opacity, or partially transparent.

Video, photography or writing credits are not necessary, but the end graphic displaying the Boise State logo should also include the title of the department, organization or program responsible for the production.

Ensure that you have the rights to use all material in your video. Do not use any material, person’s image, sound recordings/music or third party trademarks for which you have not cleared the rights. If you have any questions about copyright or other intellectual property rights, please contact the Office of General Counsel.