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“We Are Broncos” Brand Guidelines

The “We Are Broncos” marketing campaign, its placements, photos and message strategy are all designed to empower the campus community with the Boise State University brand story, to build a sense of community and to amplify awareness for university strengths while demonstrating the goodwill and diversity that exists here.

We Are Broncos banner on campus

Message Strategy

The campaign will be active for approximately three years from 2018 – 2021.  It is designed to build engagement and community and to shine a spotlight on student experiences and university strengths.

The messaging for the campaign will be linked to Boise State’s core messages, points of pride, brand attributes, student experiences or divisional messages.  

How to Use “We Are Broncos” in a Marketing Campaign

We Are Broncos photo with 9 students

  • If using a photo or video featuring any or all of the nine students photographed for the launch of the campaign, you must include the words “We Are Broncos” using the same colors and font style as seen on the large banner installed on the exterior of the Student Union. “We Are” should be in white, and “Broncos” should be orange or blue.
  • The messaging and narrative must promote a university strength, core messages, points of pride, brand attributes, divisional messages or a campus experience.
  • Any students, faculty or staff featured in “We Are Broncos” photographs must be wearing blue or orange.
  • As a call to action include #BoiseState #WeAreBroncos.
  • Include the university signature mark.

We Are Broncos photo with three students We Are Broncos photo with 9 students

Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO tell us how you’d like to incorporate these images and/or “We Are Broncos” message into your Boise State marketing campaign:
  • DO get permission well ahead of a deadline. If your plans don’t align with these campaign guidelines your marketing materials will need to be revised.
  • DO request permission for access to the photos of students featured in the “We Are Broncos” campaign: email
  • DO consider how your photos, text or campaign placements exemplify a diverse and inclusive community where all are welcome.
  • DO use Boise State’s photographic services to get photos of additional students in other academic or campus settings.
  • DO use Boise State’s Printing and Graphics team to assist with design.
  • DO use the “WeAreBroncos” and “BoiseState” hashtag in social media posts that reflect the campus experience.
  • DON’T use the “We Are Broncos” message for retail sale or on merchandise without permission from the Director of Trademark Licensing and the Office of Communications and Marketing