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Your website is your number one marketing tool. In fact, 82 percent of fall seniors rank college websites as the most important resource for discovering a university, according to a 2016 report. It’s important that your department site is branded, organized, and provides helpful information to your target audiences.

At Boise State, we have excellent resources for how to manage, edit, maintain and organize your website. Webguide provides tutorials and information on everything you need to know about managing your Boise State website.

Department Homepage

Your website is where prospective students, current students, and the public will go to learn more about your program. The homepage serves as an opportunity to talk about the strengths of your program and direct people to find more information.

When thinking about your department’s homepage, consider who your primary audience is (likely prospective students will be a major target). As you evaluate, consider the following questions:

  • Does this page tell visitors why this program is exciting, unique, and what students get from joining this department?
  • Are there interesting images showcasing the opportunities students have had in your department?
  • Is it clear what the next steps are if they are interested in learning more information?

Here are some examples of strong department home pages on the Boise State website:

Branding Your Website

Various forms of digital devices.Ensuring that your site is brand-aligned is easy. The Boise State website uses WordPress to create and manage pages. Our website has built-in templates to help you organize content in a way that is already branded, search-engine friendly and beautiful. Colors and fonts are all housed within the University theme, so all you have to do is use the templates and then add photos and content unique to your program!

For educational tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and all other information you need about how to operate your Boise State webpage, visit Webguide.

For any questions or for more information about the colors and fonts used on Boise State’s website, please contact